In Memory of Brittany Gilman

It seems impossible that you have been gone from our lives for 3 whole years. It’s unreal… every time I think of you my mind goes straight back to that phone call. The one that changed our family forever. I can’t help but remember the tragic circumstances of your last few years here on Earth. It breaks my heart that my sweet Sissy never had a chance at happiness. I love you! I miss you! I miss your sarcastic humor. I miss your smile. I miss the smell of your hair each time we hugged good bye.



* truth – every single relationship I have has changed. Some for the better. Some for the worse. Some I have let go of because I no longer have the time or energy to waste on negativity. My Sister’s passing has changed every aspect of my life. It has changed my relationships with my Mom, Step Dad, Husband, Children, Friends and extended family.


About Missy's Crafty Mess

I can often be found with a pile of yarn listening to craft podcasts, music, or an audio book. I am learning to dye my own yarn. I enjoy crafting handmade items to give as gifts to family and friends. I also enjoy donating handmade items in memory of my Sister and Grandfather.
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